There are always dynamics at play within our family groups and the expectations that are piled on us by others and by ourselves can be deeply ingrained. By becoming more self-aware we can work out how to let go of unrealistic or unhelpful ideas and get the best out of these roles and relationships.

During our coaching sessions you will have the space to explore difficult issues at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Coaching can help if you:

  • Are considering whether or not to start a family
  • Find parenthood harder or very different than you expected
  • Would like to make more time to enjoy your time together as a family
  • Are coming to terms with unexpected pregnancy or infertility
  • Support a family member or child through illness, disability or other challenges
  • Feel ignored, taken for granted or overloaded

Please contact me to book your introductory phone call and we can discuss the family or parenthood issues that you are dealing with.

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